This photo series is inspired by the flower Cynara, which evolves and changes its appearance during its one year cycle.

In late summer, the plant submerges from the ground as a little seed, and then continues growing strong roots and leaves during winter. In spring/summer, of the following year, it bears its fruits, known as artichokes - after which the flower completes its life cycle.

We see this as a beautiful symbol of the life cycle (growth and change). In a hectic age that is dominated by the media, work and the strive for success, the plant seems to depict the importance to be aware of how much we are depended on nature and its benefits, as it carries a strong role in our lives and the way it effects us.

Model: Sokhna Niane

Stylist: Vanessa Bärnthol

Hair & Makeuo artist: Melanie Hoppe

Where: Zalando Studios Berlin GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin

Date: November 2019

Published: Lucy's Magazine - P.160

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