The source of inspiration can be traced back to two pictures.

1- Rainy Days - Aaron Walls

2- Frances Aaternir - Krisztian Eder


Although both are very different from each other, I chose to focus on some of their common features, such as the harsh shadow contrasts, their idea of simplicity (focusing on the subject), their minimalistic styling as well as the shoot through a humid glass. 

Achieving the look of the first photography inspiration was tricky, as the glass is a very reflective material. By putting up several black light absorbing panels, we managed to prevent the light from reaching the camera. After trying out the first idea, I went ahead and smeared the water on the glass, creating an interesting effect.

During the session I became fascinated not only by the harsh shadows on the face, but also on other body parts - such as the back, hair, hands, collarbone, etc. I got closer to my model and started photographing more in detail - as much as my lens allowed me to.

Model: Synnøve Årdal

Assistant: Tim da-Rin

Where: Zalando Studios Berlin GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin

Date: November 2019

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